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All things biltong..

So as a purist I love my biltong straight up as it comes.. however did you know there are hundreds of ways that you can enjoy our product? We have some stellar recipes and serving suggestions  that we will be adding every month both from our own kitchens as well as from our biltong fans... 

So how about this one as a different kind of hors d'oeuvre to kick your parties off with...



Powdered/grated/finely chopped biltong Paprika Cream cheese Finely chopped spring onion Horseradish (optional) Mustard (optional) Fresh basil (optional) Fresh flat leaf parsley (optional) 


Mix the cream cheese, biltong and paprika thoroughly followed by your choice of the rest of the above igredients. 

I love spring onion but feel free to experiment.  Wholegrain mustard and parsley is also quite nice.

 Spread it on your savoury crackers and serve... alternatively leave it a bowl and let you guests help themselves.


If you want to posh it up a bit why not try to whip up some double cream into soft peaks, mix in the cream cheese more biltong,  herbs and spices and pipe the mousse into your prepared vol au vent pastry cases. Crackers will do too here.. Serve! Crazy good!

Let us know what you think..

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